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The company consists of four divisions, namely: -

1) Heavy Machine Division.
2) Fabrication Division.
3) Equipment Division.
4) Rehabilitation Division.


Company is providing regular machining assistance to different production units such as CLW/CRJ, DLW/Varanasi, ELW/Bhusawal of Indian Railways for their Cast Co-Co Bogies, Flexi Coil Bogies and Flexi Coil Bogie Bolsters of different Diesel & Electric Locomotive. List of Machines gives a fair idea about our scope in this division.

We also undertake manufacture of Co-Co Bogies, Flexi Coil Bogies, Flexi Coil Bogie Bolsters and Casnub Bogies which involves Fettling, Grinding, Radiography, Heat Treatment, Machining and fitment of Brake Gear Arrangement.


Company is RDSO (Ministry of Railway, Govt. of India) approved source for the manufacture of all sorts of Fabricated Bogies of Diesel and Electric Locomotives for Indian Railways. We have been supplying all types of Fabricated Bogies and Bolsters, Main Base, Super Structure, Brake Gear Arrangement etc. to Indian Railways for their Diesel and Electric Locomotives for the last 10 years. The List shows some of our products developed for Indian Railways during the years.

We have developed Coke Oven equipments such as Charging Car, Quenching Car and Stamping Car Assembly for different Coal Washeries all over the Country. Besides equipment of Coke Oven, we are also pioneer in making Overhead Cranes of difference capacities.

The list shows some of our products developed for equipment division for private sector units.


We are seeing a substantial increase in demand of rehabilitation of Co-Coand Flexi Coil Bogies re-conditioning of the bogie substantially involving cleaning, detection of cracks thru radiography, repairing, stress reliving, machining and finally equipping of brake gear arrangement of different Diesel & Electric Loco sheds of Indian Railways. For this, we have set-up a different division, and we are getting orders/enquiries from them for immediate execution of their jobs. Recently we successfully executed contracts of Central Railway for their Electric Locomotive Works, Bhusawal and Eastern Railway, Kancharapara, Diesel Loco Modernisation Works (DMW),
Patiala, to name a few.

We are also doing the finishing work of Casnub Bogies under this divisionfor Chittranjan Locomotive Works (CLW), Chittranjan, W.B.

Besides Indian Railways, we have also taken up rehabilitation work of
Trolley Frame of IISCO/Burnpur and EKG Shovels of different subsidiaries Coal India Ltd. Some of the items repaired/rehabilitated for Coal India Ltd. are as follows :

  1. Crawler Link of EKG 4.6 Shovels,
  2. Bucket Body of different Shovels,
  3. Repairing of Dipper Handle of different Shovels.
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